It’s our 18th Birthday

18th Bday

It’s the 6th May 2012 and I find myself becoming a little sentimental. You see, 6th May 1994 was the date that Urban Concepts took its first steps into the world of planning and development. It is exciting to think that today Urban Concepts turns 18. Just to put this in perspective, the last time I turned 18 I was in my year of first year of planning at the UNSW.

There aren’t many of us that get the opportunity to turn 18 twice in the course of our lives, so to all of you that I have had the pleasure of working with over the past 18 years and who have made this unique event possible thank you. The journey has been a truly memorable one. I look forward to continuing to work with you as we head towards our 21st.

To mark our 18 years in business I am delighted to launch our new corporate look, website and social media platform. I would also like to introduce you to Trinity Woods. Trinity has joined Urban Concepts as my executive assistant and social media adviser. Trinity provides the perfect complement in skills and expertise playing a core role in the delivery of our communication services.

Together Trinity and I look forward to sharing our insights and news on what is happening across the development and planning sector.

As you know I am very passionate about community consultation, it is the reason why I specialise in this area. Going forward and to mark our 18 years in business Urban Concepts will be releasing our new communication product, Urban Talk.

Urban Talk is a tailor made web based platform that facilitates the exchange of real time information about a planning, development or infrastructure  project no matter its size, geographic area or time of day. Over the coming months we will be offering the opportunity to participate in a trial demonstration of the Urban Talk product. Urban Talk makes communicating about your next development project affordable, reliable and straight forward. Want to know more or trial one of your projects on Urban Talk contact us