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Urban Concepts attends the UDIA Industry Briefing Planning For Tomorrow Today

Sam Haddad, Director General NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure briefed 260 representatives of the development industry at the UDIA seminar Planning for Tomorrow Today held at the Hilton Hotel on Tuesday 2nd May 2012.

The enthusiastic industry attendance, which UDIA Chief Executive Officer Stephen Albin noted on several occasions, was the largest gathering the UDIA had experienced at an industry briefing in several years is indicative of the state of the development sector in NSW and the level of frustration being experienced by both green and brown field developers alike.

On walking into the venue, one could not help but feel the extraordinary sense of hope and anticipation that filled the room, this sell-out crowd had come to get some sorely needed good news notwithstanding that the Reserve Bank had cut interest rates earlier in the day.

While some may have called it rhetoric, for my part it was certainly well intended news that Mr Haddad delivered, identifying 4 priority areas of focus:

Priority 1 Housing Supply with an emphasis on removing the impediments to the supply process. Part of this approach centres around a greater emphasis being given to commercial viability. This emphasis will also look at opportunities for promoting affordability and include the review of State Environmental Planning Policy No.65.

Priority 2 Greater Coordination Between Infrastructure and Land Use Planning. This will incorporate the review of the Section 94 and the State Infrastructure Plan. Precinct Plans will continue to be the focus for delivering services in line with land release in the north west and south west growth centres.

Priority 3 Strategic Planning focusing on the review of the metropolitan strategy and its integration with the State Infrastructure Plan, State Transport Plan and State Plan. The review will encompass the 5 existing regional strategies with a focus on housing supply.

Priority 4 Cultural Change to promote transparency of process this, a greater emphasis on working with local government particularly at the strategic planning stage and greater expediency of process. This includes a commitment to deal with the 260 outstanding Part 3A transitional application by the end of the 2012/2013 financial year.