What We’re Up To – Cody Live

In a world-first for real estate advertising, digital real estate signs are being pioneered by Cody Live, an Australian company headed by Pierce Cody. The evolution of the static real estate sign to its digital counterpart is comparable to the transition of the broadsheet newspaper from newsstand to tablet. Put simply, it is the natural adaptation of technology and it is set to revolutionise the way residential and commercial real estate is marketed both within Australia and overseas.


Urban Concepts is working with Cody Live to streamline the planning legislation that is applicable to this new technology and facilitating prototype trials within selected Local Government Areas around Australia.

This is a very exciting time for Cody Live, and the preliminary interest and support the sign is receiving is encouraging. Prototype trials are giving every indication that the electronic sings are a practical and highly advanced alternative to standard real estate signs.

Going forward, one of the biggest challenges we are facing is ensuring that the unit is properly understood by planning authorities. Many current planning controls were written before the introduction of LCD and LED technology and are therefore unclear on its application in real estate marketing signage. A priority is informing and assuring Government decision makers that the technology provides great benefits with no adverse impacts.

Click here IMG_0177 to see a short video of the Live Board in action!

Here’s what Pierce is saying about the project:

CL_Logo_+ve_RGB“Cody Live is a dynamic and cost-effective advancement that should change the face of how real estate is traded. After just a few seconds looking at the visual quality on a Cody Live sign, you can be forgiven for thinking that traditional for sale signs are antiquated and boring. Cody Live takes the business of connecting buyers with properties to a whole new level. The signs grab buyer interest early and hold buyer attention for longer. The prediction is that the signs will be a standard feature of many real estate sales campaigns as time progresses. The signs could also be utilised as a broader public communication tool if required – during times of emergency, for example. Vital public information could be screened almost instantly.”

Featured Image: Cody Live Real Estate Sign 2014